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Life science data continue to grow in variety, amount, and complexity. Greater collaborations and outsourced research make it even more challenging and time consuming finding, connecting, curating, and analyzing data. The life sciences are increasingly looking for ways to provide easier, self-service options to access, explore, and analyze data while driving down point application license and support costs.

The Helium Workbench and related services meet these challenges with an award-winning data utilization, exploration, and analysis solution for all areas of life science. 

Helium Workbench at a Glance

  • Utilize Data Easily – Disparate data and data services are accessed directly within software like Excel and Spotfire.  Stay in your favorite tools while reducing time spent finding and using data.
  • Identify and Contextualize – Helium data-typing identifies data and recommends meaningful ways to retrieve related data or run analytical or workflow processes on those data.
  • Organize – Helium helps you organize differently-formatted assay spreadsheets and other files. It helps you identify the data in these files and facilitates their ingestion into centralized data stores.
  • Be Mobile – Helium includes the ability to access data and data services from mobile devices, so you can explore data, initiate an analysis process, or retrieve results. Any time. Any where.
  • Connect the Dots - Siloed repositories and cumbersome data access methods hinder the use of valuable data and the discovery of new insights. Helium breaks these barriers by giving all users consistent access to systems and data.

Related Services

Standing alongside the Helium Workbench is an expert team of technical and scientific resources.  We provide business process and technical consultancy, service-oriented architecture and other development, support for custom applications, data migration services, and more to help you get the most of your information assets.

Download Helium for Free

Helium Community Edition is a free component of the Helium Workbench that allows you to access publically available life science data. The following versions are available:

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